Monthly Archives: June 2012

52 Fridays Week 26 “Bokeh” {Memphis, TN Children’s Lifestyle Photographer}

Bokeh is the out of focus, watercolor-like quality created by a shallow depth of field. It is one of my favorite thingsView full post »

Meet Giovanni, Senior Rep 2013 {Collierville High Senior Photographer}

Working with seniors has to be one of my favorite things to do, and I am so excited to be working with some amazingView full post »

Chubby Toes Love {Memphis, TN Baby Photographer}

I just LOVE babies, and I couldn’t have had more fun photographing sweet little Steele, and his adoring parents.View full post »

52 Fridays Week 25 “1.8” {Collierville, TN Senior Photographer}

What a week! This last Tuesday night I had the chance to photograph FIVE incredible seniors. Yes, five in one night. ItView full post »

52 Fridays Week 24 “Abstract” Part 2

OK. So here is your hint. This is the same blue object as seen in the last post.View full post »

52 Fridays Week 24 “Abstract” {Memphis, TN Photographer}

Thinking this theme really doesn’t require much description or deep thought on my part. I’ll leave that upView full post »

Black and White Beauties {Memphis, TN and Pittsburgh, PA Children’s Photographer}

Two years ago this August we left our home and dear friends in Cranberry, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh) and moved hereView full post »

Congratulations to Molly and Blake {Memphis, TN Wedding Photographer}

Just wanted to send my best to the newlyweds, Molly and Blake. I had such a great time photographing their wedding, butView full post »

52 Fridays Week 23 “Growth” {Memphis, TN Photographer}

So. . . I had my idea for this week the second I saw the theme, but waited (of course) to the last minute to grab myView full post »