Newborn Brixton {Memphis Newborn Photographer}

I am so excited to be in my new Germantown photography studio, where I can meet sweet little babies like Brixton! Each EDP newborn session includes use of an amazing collection of clothes made just for newborns from the ever-so-talented The Treetop Shoppe. Be sure to check them out and see what you might want to use as part of your next session! They are adding more baby clothes for sitters and toddlers every day, and plan to expand beyond that, so if you are questioning what to have your little wear at their session, be sure to email me first. I may have just the thing (or two or three!)

So here’s a recap of the fun we had when Brixton came in for his session (this is very overdue, but I’m glad to add it now!). . .

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Time to Celebrate! {Germantown Baby Photographer}

Hello, hello! We are so excited to be making a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT here at EDP. We have moved into a studio in Germantown, TN! So exciting! We can’t wait to offer more newborn, baby and first year sessions, along with other portrait sessions in this lovely new space. For a sneak peek you can visit us on Instagram @erindahlphoto, and a big reveal will be right here after we add a few finishing touches, but we are already rolling over there, and excited to be working with such adorable babies and kiddos! Check back soon for the final look, or schedule your own session and come on in!

As part of our big grand opening event, we are offering discounts and bonuses for every type of session we offer. Ask us for details! There is even a special bonus for our Fabulous First Year clients, like sweet Heidi. Here’s a look back at just a few of her portraits from her big first birthday cake smash!


A look at the Lifestyle Session {Oxford, MS Newborn Photographer}

Every once in a while I get the treat of visiting a family in Oxford, MS for a little newborn lifestyle session. I LOVE documenting families right where they bring their little ones home! It’s something I wish I had done when my babies were new. Even though we were bringing them home to a tiny 600 square foot college apartment, I really wish I had found a photographer to come and document such a major milestone in our life. That tiny apartment is where my second son’s story began, and I wish I could show him pictures of just how happy we were there, with his older brother excited to hold him on our hand-me-down little couch. Because that little tiny apartment may have been lacking in size and style, it was FULL of LOVE.

All of that said, I oftentimes visit homes not only full of love but of some serious style! This Oxford beauty was no exception, and I loved the soft light that poured in on the love that already filled the home. Sigh. Here’s some highlights from our morning together.


Miss Etta’s Newborn Session {Memphis Newborn Photographer}

It was such a treat to meet this beautiful girl for her newborn session here in Collierville! And I loved seeing her older sis again from their maternity session at Shelby Farms. Aren’t they both stunning? I just love that I have the opportunity to photograph such beautiful children and help document such an important time in my client’s lives! There is nothing quite like a newborn in your arms!

February 28, 2017 - 8:21 pm

Bria Scott - Good Afternoon,
My husband and I are looking for a photographer to take pregnancy announcement photos and just family pictures. Is there anyway you could send me booking information including prices as well as your availability?

The Art of Dance Project {Memphis Dance Photographer}

It has been a long time since I last took the stage as a dancer. Or even took a class. But I remember it like it was yesterday. I grew up at Janet Gray Dance Studios, and spent countless hours perfecting my art as a ballerina, tap dancer, jazz dancer, and even folk dancer, collecting costumes and blisters like you wouldn’t believe. Although I bet some of you can imagine it just fine (dancers and your moms, you know who you are). I had my favorite spot on the barre. My favorite place to stand for center work. My favorite turns, jumps, and routines. I can still complete the entire tap warmup titled BS1 and BS2, and often break it out in the kitchen while my boys hide their faces in embarrassment. Who exactly are they afraid will see me doing this?? Anyway, on top of the countless hours spent in class and on the stage, I realize now what a huge sacrifice my parents went to to ensure that I could do all of that. And I am so eternally grateful for every dollar, every drive to the studio, every new pair of pointe shoes, because I loved it.

As I graduated from college however, I left that world behind. I married, had four boys (I was sure I could pass this love of dance on to a daughter, but not so!!), and became a photographer. It was my new outlet for the arts, and I was hooked from my first print floating in a darkroom developer bath. And for the most part, I have never really looked back. But I do miss the freedom dance gives you. The power to tell a story with motion. To evoke emotions of every kind with movement.

This little hole in my heart started to grow as I saw more and more dance photography pop up in my feed. I realized, to my dismay, that I had never had professional photos taken of me as a dancer. Not once in 18+ years! I don’t think it was even a thing at the time. Kind of like newborn photography wasn’t really a thing when my boys were born. Sorry guys! But what an incredible thing that has become, and for very good reason! I love working with those amazing miniature people, documenting a moment that is so fleeting that by the time they come in for their viewing appointment, only two weeks later, they have already changed. Never to be a newborn again. And so it is with dance, but it is the culmination of years of work, instead of just the beginning.

All of this is leading up to my big announcement for 2017. I am doing something new. I’m going back to what I have always loved, and will always have a special place in my heart. And hopefully will lead to some beautiful dancers having something I never got. Heirloom quality proof of all that hard work and dedication. . . .

Want to get involved? Become an EDP Dance Ambassador! Let’s celebrate dance in all it’s glory together. I’ve got a camera. You’ve got the skills!

Do you have what it takes?

*Are you currently dancing for a studio or team?
*Are you passionate about dancing?
*Do you have an outgoing personality?
*Would you like a little more confidence?
*Would you like beautiful prints and images of yourself doing what you love, and to be able to see them every day?
*Would you enjoy working with new people?
*Do you enjoy choreographing, or do you follow choreographer’s directions well?

If you have answered yes! to most or all of these questions, please reach out to me by email at Our first shoot will be early February, so don’t wait!