The new trend–Tween Sessions {Memphis Tween Photographer}

Have you noticed the hold newborn photography has taken on us? We all adore those first photos showing off their sweet pouty lips, little rolls, and tiny toes! It definitely has a soft spot in my heart and a big place in my work. I love it dearly! I also love all of the family and senior sessions, the sweet two year old sessions, and all the other fun sessions I have the privilege of doing. But I am LOVING the newest trend that focuses on an age that has been missing on the photography world radar. That tender age between childhood and teen.

When my oldest was set to enter middle school, I was dreading what I had remembered to be a bit of a black hole. It was going to be painful and awkward, and all around miserable for him. Except he got there, and it wasn’t. Instead I watched him transform almost overnight, from a little boy that was feet below those huge eighth graders, to a young man, strong and able to stand on his own. He made countless new friends. He joined the cross country and swim teams and grew stronger and faster every day. He learned how to study, and gained a love for learning (except for geometry. He didn’t love geometry.). And by the time he left middle school, just three short years later (more like overnight), he was a whole new creature. My little boy was gone.

And now I look back on the photographs of him as a boy and wonder where he went. How did it go by so fast? Did I take it all in? Did I document that rapid change well enough? Did we both actually enjoy it? Yes, yes we did. Writing this I see I should share a little photo history of his journey with you, but I’m on vacation and don’t have all of those images with me (sorry!). But today you will get to meet another tween, who is making her own way through this “black hole”, which is actually more of a well-lit path, from childhood to something new altogether. . .

Meet Caitlin.

Beautiful, bubbly, talented, Caitlin.

Dancer Photographer Memphis

We started her session in her home. She had an amazing little dance studio in the house where we created some beautiful dance portraits. Then we ventured into her room for some more lifestyle shots, capturing what her world is like at this fun age! The evening ended with a sunset session at the Collierville Square, with wardrobe changes included. It was so much fun! I love seeing the strength of kids at this age, as they are developing their talents, and growing up before our eyes. So here’s a glimpse of the fun we have at a Tween Session.

webDancePhotographyMemphis_3367bw copy

Tween at Home

Beanbag Tween Portrait

Beautiful Tween Portrait

Collierville Square photo session

Black and White portrait of Tween

Sunset Session for Tween

Spunky Tween Session

Fashion Portrait

Collierville Tween Session

Tween Photographer

Tween sessions are perfect any time of the year. Can’t figure out what to get that tween or teen that has everything? Gift a session with friends or by themselves to show off their own style and talent! Birthday parties are also available. Don’t wait for their senior year to document them. You will be missing an age totally wonderful in it’s own right! And, I know from experience, it’s gone before you know it.


School is OUT Mini Sessions {Memphis Photographer}

school is out mini session

School is almost OUT!! Can I get a big ol’ WAHOO!!!?

For all the kids, tweens, and teens out there I’ve decided to throw a little party! Some of these kids will be graduating this month. Whether it’s from elementary school, middle school, or high school, it’s a BIG DEAL! We will spend one day celebrating, with a GROUP MINIS special. During the year, our kids make friends that may last a lifetime. Whether they are at school, dance, soccer, etc., they are an important part of their lives! To commemorate these friendships, I will be hosting a one-day event where friends can get together to have a little fun, and come away with some great new portraits! Groups of 3-7 allowed (larger groups can be scheduled on a different day). Session fee is only $49 per person for group portraits. Individual 15 minute minis can be added for only $50. A selection of individual and group shots will be shown at your private viewing appointment.

June 1st:

7:00 am (sunrise session)
8:00 am

5:30 pm
6:30 pm (sunset session)

To schedule your friendship or team session please email us at


Sneak Peek for Caitlin {Memphis Dance Photographer}

I grew up dancing. In fact, I danced for over 18 years. Ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical. I loved every minute of it, and miss it so much! So it has been a dream come true for me to return to the art I love, this time as a spectator. Spectator and capturer (is that a word?) of the beauty that is a dancer. I am so excited to be introducing a new wing for Erin Dahl Photography–Dance Sessions. Special offers available Spring 2016. Email us at for more details.

I loved every minute of this dance session and tween session with Caitlin. Her dance portraits were done in her home in her very own studio! Complete with barre, and full wall of mirrors. It was such a treat to see this beautiful girl move! Here’s just a quiet moment in between. More to come!

Dancer Photographer Memphis


Spring is coming! {Memphis Children and Family Photographer}

Get ready! Get set! Get your session booked before they’re gone! Spring comes early around Memphis, and the daffodils even earlier! Here’s a peek of what this glorious season has in store for us. Loved the morning I spent with these two handsome boys last year, but in all the craziness that is the spring portraits season, I never had time to post this Memphis children’s session at the Botanic Gardens. Better late than never, right?

Sibling Session Memphis
3Harrison_2925 copy
3webGraham_2928c copy3
4Brothers_3223bw copy
5Harrison_3247 copy
4 years old portrait Memphis
7Graham_3329b copy2
Collierville TN photographer
black and white photo of boy in Memphis TN
10webGraham_3314 copy
boy in daffodils Memphis photographer
Memphis child photographer
zIGBrothers_2986b copy2


Fun in the Garden {Memphis Family Photographer}

It has been such a pleasure to photograph this family over the last couple of years. I know they are off on a big new adventure, so I thought I’d share a glimpse of our last session together at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. Congrats to them and I wish them all the best in the years to come! I think I might have to dig out the kid’s sessions one of these days too, because they’re just too cute!

1family photographer memphis tn
2family session memphis botanic garden lightbrightmatte
3child photographer Collierville TN
4family session memphis botanic gardens 3
5Collierville photographer
6memphis child photographer
7childrens photographer memphis
8family photographer collierville tn
9memphis family photographer
10memphis photographer
11memphis photographer botanic gardens
12mephis family photographer
13memphis childrens photographer
14family session memphis botanic gardens 2