Sneak Peek of Blue Eyed H { Collierville,TN Photographer }

While I was out in Utah I had the opportunity to photograph my only nephew, and isn’t he the sweetest? He is all boy through and through, and was definitely happiest around the trailers, trucks, and tractors. We gave him time along the way to pick up rocks, make swords out of sticks, and check out the vehicles, and I think it helped him to have fun and forget that I was even taking pictures. My favorite thing he did was when he was around the tractors. Apparently he knows all about what makes machines go, so he climbed on each tractor to see if the key was in the ignition. What a smart kid! (Better hide those keys mom and dad!)

Since I live halfway across the country in Memphis, he doesn’t really know me, so it was kind of like working with a brand new client. (so sad!) It made me wish we lived around the corner, so my son T could hang out with him all the time. He is such a cutie, and has such a fun personality. And of course there are his eyes. . . I have never seen eyes so clear or blue in my entire life! Can you believe them?

August 17, 2011 - 3:09 am

Jessica - Rob and I are never going to be able to compete with all of these darling boys! Sigh. Awesome pictures!!

Welcome Back to School! {Memphis, TN Children’s Photographer}

So my hometowns of Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City may still be enjoying their summer break, but here in Shelby County school is officially underway! It’s hard to believe summer is already over, but I am so glad that our first day of school went off without a hitch. In fact, it was such a pleasure to meet their teachers, and to learn that they each had someone they knew in their classes. I was also thrilled to see them come home from school later that day with big smiles on their faces, and with stories to tell. What a relief!

On Sunday night our second son said, “Have you ever had that feeling where you’re excited, but kind of nervous too?” Of course I said yes, and don’t we all know how that feels? I feel the same way before each photography shoot I do, simply because you never know exactly what will happen. Oftentimes I am shooting in a new place, like someone’s home or at a favorite park, which means I have to think on my feet and be creative with the new surroundings. And you can never know exactly how the kids will react, or what will bring out the genuine joy that makes a portrait special and true. My goal is to always help my clients have fun, to relax, and to just enjoy being together. The unknown might make my stomach jump, but portrait sessions are always exciting because I’m doing what I love, and I get to be with great people.

Isn’t school the same thing? Our kids might get nervous when they don’t know exactly what their new classroom, teacher, or classmates will be like, but what a great chance to learn something, grow, and to make more friends! Sometimes I’m tempted to shield my boys from situations that are new or even a little stressful, but I suppose I should remember that it is adversity and challenges that shape our character and allow us to define who we truly are.

Here is a glimpse of the first day of school at our house, and the few informal back to school pictures I nabbed. It was a wonderful morning, but I’m going to miss having them around!


And T makes Four {Collierville, TN Children’s Photographer}

And finally, I get a chance to introduce T! Being the youngest, and only one who is not in school, I get to spend a lot of time with this little guy. And thanks to a late fall birthday, I still have one fun year before he is swept off to full day kindergarten. Whew! He is growing fast though. He gladly keeps up with his older brothers, whether it’s playing soccer, video games, or riding on Space Mountain in Disneyland. This kid will do it all. I think he’s taking after K with his no fear attitude, and I love it!

I’m grateful that despite all that, he still wants me to tuck him in and read him bedtime stories. That he likes to make cookies and play Tinkertoys with me. He has certainly grabbed hold of a special place in my heart, and I hope he never lets go, even when he does get too cool to hold my hand in the parking lot.

August 5, 2011 - 7:06 pm

Robyn - Erin- I love these!! He is such a cute kid!! You need to post more often! I love looking at your pictures. Hope you guys had a safe trip home! miss you guys.


One fun kid {Collierville TN Children’s Photographer}

So number three in our family lineup is one energetic boy. When he was crawling with a cast on his arm at 11 months old we thought, “This one might just like roller coasters when he’s three.” We haven’t been too far off. When he was five, and barely tall enough, he did beg to ride the Tower of Terror over and over again. . . Never afraid of adventure, and almost always laughing, this kid is lots of fun to be around.

Since we moved to Collierville, karate and swimming have been two of his favorite activities. But since summer started, it has been all Harry Potter books, almost all of the time. Now that he’s finished them, I don’t know what we’ll do to keep him busy!

K recently had his seventh birthday, and lost a tooth the same week. I grabbed these shots when we were down at the Square in Collierville for the Fair on the Square. I just love to remember how my boys look when they lose those baby teeth. Does he have to keep growing up?


Our Second Child {Collierville, TN Children’s Photographer}

So my next oldest loves to read. In fact, sometimes I have to check on him after “lights out” at night, and make sure he’s not sneaking a little extra reading time in bed! So, when it came time to do his eight year old portraits, it was easy to know what I wanted to do. Plus his birthday is in the fall, so it worked perfectly as a little back to school session as well. In fact, having the books there was actually the only way I could get him to even go!

With that being mentioned, I think I’ll just say that I LOVE it when people bring meaningful toys or belongings with them for a photo session. And the kids love having something there that makes them feel at home. I for one know that my favorite pictures of our little guys are the ones with them clinging to something they dearly love (like my fourth sons’ cherished stuffed puppy, which you’ll see soon). Plus you never know when they’ll outgrow that sweet attachment. And isn’t that the kind of thing you want to remember? My mom’s favorite picture of me was captured when I was two years old, snuggling up to my little doll “Pearl.” Here’s a fun one of M with just a few of the books he finished just in time for second grade!

M has lots of other interests too. From karate to piano, friends to art, and of course PS3 to Wii games, he is a fun kid to be around. I just love being with him, especially when he laughs.