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The Lifestyle Newborn Session {Memphis Newborn Photographer}

Are you on the fence about booking a Lifestyle Newborn session over a studio style session? Let’s talk about whatView full post »

Home Sweet Home {Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Memphis, TN}

There is nothing quite like bringing your baby home for the first time. And the first few days are so special, as youView full post »

52 Fridays Week 26 “Bokeh” {Memphis, TN Children’s Lifestyle Photographer}

Bokeh is the out of focus, watercolor-like quality created by a shallow depth of field. It is one of my favorite thingsView full post »

52 Fridays Week 14 “Metal”

Best friends. That’s what these two have become over the last two years. Life is always good when these sweet boysView full post »

52 Fridays Week 13 “Music” {Memphis, TN Children and Lifestyle Photographer}

Music has always been an important part of my life. With a dad who played guitar and sang, and a mom who played piano (View full post »

Navy Sailor’s Sneak Peek {Memphis, TN Couples Photographer}

I recently heard from an active duty Navy member returning from deployment that he wanted to surprise his girlfriendView full post »

52 Fridays Week 8 “Time” {Memphis, TN Lifestyle Photographer}

Tough theme this week to nail down in an image. When I first saw the word “time” my thoughts immediatelyView full post »

Griffith Family Final Post {Collierville TN Couples Photographer}

I had such a great time working with this beautiful couple, but with the busy holidays I never got a chance to get theirView full post »

52 Fridays Week 5 “On the Shelf” {Collierville TN Photographer}

The theme this week was “On the Shelf”. Not sure these little guys were so keen on the idea. To see whatView full post »

52 Fridays Week 3 “Words” {Memphis, TN Children’s Lifestyle Photographer}

Words. We are surrounded by them. They can take us places we never imagined, teach us things we never dreamed of, andView full post »