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Home Sweet Home {Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Memphis, TN}

There is nothing quite like bringing your baby home for the first time. And the first few days are so special, as you rock them in the middle of the night, or watch them fall asleep in your arms in … Continue reading

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52 Fridays Week 26 “Bokeh” {Memphis, TN Children’s Lifestyle Photographer}

Bokeh is the out of focus, watercolor-like quality created by a shallow depth of field. It is one of my favorite things in photography, and I have been so excited for this theme, since I am always looking for ways … Continue reading


52 Fridays Week 14 “Metal”

Best friends. That’s what these two have become over the last two years. Life is always good when these sweet boys are together, and I love that his mom is one of my dearest friends too. Unfortunately (well, for us … Continue reading


52 Fridays Week 13 “Music” {Memphis, TN Children and Lifestyle Photographer}

Music has always been an important part of my life. With a dad who played guitar and sang, and a mom who played piano (and even tried to get me to stick with piano lessons), I was surrounded by musical … Continue reading


Navy Sailor’s Sneak Peek {Memphis, TN Couples Photographer}

I recently heard from an active duty Navy member returning from deployment that he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a photo session. What a sweet and thoughtful gift! We put together plans for a nice evening at the Collierville … Continue reading

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52 Fridays Week 8 “Time” {Memphis, TN Lifestyle Photographer}

Tough theme this week to nail down in an image. When I first saw the word “time” my thoughts immediately turned to my grandma, affectionately known as Granny. For years I begged her to record her life history, but her … Continue reading


Griffith Family Final Post {Collierville TN Couples Photographer}

I had such a great time working with this beautiful couple, but with the busy holidays I never got a chance to get their final post up. Sorry for such a late post, but I couldn’t pass up sharing some … Continue reading

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52 Fridays Week 5 “On the Shelf” {Collierville TN Photographer}

The theme this week was “On the Shelf”. Not sure these little guys were so keen on the idea. To see what other photographers found on their shelves, visit Christine Blaylock, IL Photographer, then follow the links until you find … Continue reading


52 Fridays Week 3 “Words” {Memphis, TN Children’s Lifestyle Photographer}

Words. We are surrounded by them. They can take us places we never imagined, teach us things we never dreamed of, and lift our spirits on even our darkest of days. And when we first learn how to read a … Continue reading